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So how do we help?

What can we do to help to fight the climb of greenhouse gasses in our one and only small little planet? We are all concerned about how much really can one person’s actions affect this global phenomenon. Can I really make a change?

Well, we are more than 6 billion single persons on this planet and hopefully, it is not only you that is taking an action. Some of us are executives in large multinational companies that can affect decisions regarding use of energy and resources.
If some of these executives are on our side (sorry, our “planet side”), we can, and we will make a change!

Following are ideas for actions and habits you can start with.
Don’t jump too quickly into deep water. Start slow and after a while some of these steps will become a second nature for you.


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Great ideas regarding Waste

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Hazardous waste

You can find hazardous and toxic waste in every household in the way of batteries, paints, glues, thinners, motor oil, pesticides, weed killers and more.
These chemical should not be disposed off with the rest of the household garbage and should not be washed off into water drains.
Contact your city/county council or state/country government to find out the proper way of disposing chemicals in your area.

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Sort your waste

Most local councils already force the sorting and collection of recycled materials. Try and sort your trash to paper products, plastic and glass products, aluminium & other metals and the good old organic garbage.

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