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Environmental Skepticism

Currently our Earth is under threat, from human behaviour and our human way of life. This is not some outlandish statement that was pulled from thin air but has been supported time and time again by more and more scientists every day. And of course, when we stream down the line of science there is always going to be an opposition, in this case environmental skeptics.

The chief skeptic in my view is a Danish author named Bjorn Lomborg. His main arguments were attributed to the fact that environmentalists statistically and economically exaggerated the evidence of increased land and water temperatures and higher carbon emissions per global hectare (gHa). This was all written in detail in his book called “The Skeptical Environmentalist”, published in 2001.

Ever more recently, increasing number of scientists who previously believed that global warming was attributed mainly through human activities, seem to have gained conflicting evidence. This trend is increasing dramatically with scientists such as Khabibullo Abdusamatov providing theories that the Sun solar radiation is to blame for greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover there are a growing amount of scientist that consider global warming is an "unknown" and cannot be solely blamed on human activity.

It is very interesting to note the tip of the see-saw with many scientists who actually provided evidence to support their argument that human activities were to blame for the spike in greenhouse gas emissions, who now believe otherwise.

Most of the data provided to world leaders and the public alike illustrate the drastic changes that have occurred over hundreds of years and we are currently in the "unknown" because the world has never been in such an unstable state (or so the scientists believe).

Presently, there is an abundance of evidence to exemplify human activities for the cause of global warming, but at the same time and at the same rate more and more scientists seem to be collating theories to disprove or provide another stand point on this major issue.

What if the world’s individuals and families decided not to make a change? Do we really want to walk down the path of the "unknown"? Or do we want to go back to a previous environmental state that will maintain the existence of life on Earth? You decide.