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The citrus fruit that also cleans your house

People! This works!
Orange's peels can be used for cleaning.

Collect the orange peels and when you have enough, place them in a pot. Fill up with water until peels are covered. Boil the mix for 10 minutes.
This water with orange peel extract can now be used to clean almost everything; Clean the floor, stove top, sink, toilette and much more.

The funny part is that when you forget this mix on the stove and it overflows over the stove top, there is a refreshing orange aroma in the house that reminds you to turn off the stove, and while cleaning the stove top from the excess fluids, you have actually cleaned up the stove.

You will hear from other that this is not the same as bleach and they are correct.

It just cleans.

If you don’t have time to immediately process the fresh peels, you can leave them aside and let them dry. When you have time, follow the process mentioned above and goodbye to all synthetic detergents.